Open Letter to his Excellency the honourable Prime Minster of Ethiopia Dr. Abi Ahmed

Written by: Ali Abubaker

Best wishes for a very peaceful and prosperous new year, and I look

forward you can accomplish more success in 2019.

Honourable Prime Minster Dr. Abi Ahmed

Your excellency with due humility and sincere greetings, I write to address you on fundamental concerns which are pertaining to the affairs of my dear country Eritrea, essentially as a private citizen, hoping that you will find time out of your busy schedule to give due attention to my concerns.

As Your Excellency is well aware, Eritrea and Eritreans are beautiful, kind,hospitable, exceedingly proud and dignified people. Perhaps it is not an exaggeration to add that the almost three decades of unparalleled courage, sacrifice and martyrdom never seen within the African continent had indeed to this proud tradition.

I hope you would agree with me that, history is not only always on the side of the oppressed but it’s often said that, it does repeat itself as well. Hence my dear country today is at this critical juncture, just as in 1952, when the Ethiopian Emperor annexed Eritrea by engaging in unwholesome ways under the watchful eyes of the International community. Similarly today contrary to their claims of upholding justice and fairness the same players led by the only super power in the world, the United States, United Kingdom and European countries have continued to prop, support and indeed spoil, the Eritrean regime which has become unarguably the most repressive and inhuman governments worst than the North Korean regime of Africa. I have no doubt your Excellency as an intelligent person who participated in the struggle to free your own people from unjust domination would understand the reasons why this dictatorship is tolerated by these countries!

I have no doubt in my mind as a good Christian, in your private moments and on sober reflection, you would be pained to see thousands of Eritreans been exiled daily, substantial part to your country, while others languish in Libyan slave camps in 21st century, yet hundreds others continue to perish in the Mediterranean Sea.

Your Excellency cannot become a great reformer/ leader when you don’t wish the people across the boarder the same things you wish your own people. This action would portray you more as a mere champion of slogan and smooth talker than an advocate of justice for all and African unity and brotherhood.

Your Excellency, I’m once again imploring you respectfully to hands off Eritrean Affairs and respect its sovereignty. Mr Isias Aforki has never been a true Constitutional representative of the Eritrean people. I would like to draw your attention in particular to the so-called treaties / agreements signed that, at the appropriate time would fail to pass the rigorous and robust test of international law and would in the final analysis be declared null and void and of no effect by an international court of relevant jurisdiction.No amount of cosmetic witnessing or collaboration by third parties is going to cure such glaring and fundamental defect.

Finally, I wish to thank you for finding time to read this letter and call upon you to take a deep breath, reflect and act to do the right thing and history will bear you witness to the right course of action. As for the Eritrean people I can assure your excellency sooner or later they will find their voice and just as they did in the recent past during the struggle for independence will terminate this evil and ritualistic regime and a new prosperous country at peace with itself and its neighbors shall emerge. let’s not forget Phinex rises from the ashes.


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