Friends who has been abducted by the current regime in Eritrea and forced to disappear

Written by: Ahmed Raji

There is hardly any Eritrean who does not have a close relative,

عبدالعزيز عثمان نبراي و عبدالرحيم عبدالقادر سعيد و ديبيساي كيداني و محمد نور نبراي

friend or neighbor who has been abducted by the current regime in Eritrea and forced to disappear.

In fact, many Eritreans are sadly witnesses to multiple such cases.

Mohamed Nur Nebaray is one of them. He lives with the pain of not only one but three of his loved ones and friends having met such fate.

In this picture, Mohamed-Nur is first to the left standing beside his boyhood friend and neighbor from Keren Laelai, memhir Debesai Kidane, (along with another friend from Ethiopia).

The picture was taken in 1970 on the day of their graduation from the Teachers Training Institute in Addis Ababa. Following graduation, each of them followed his own career path both inside Eritrea and abroad.

On 5th December 1994, Abdulrahim was abducted by security agents in Asmara, where he was a teacher.

Eight years later, Debesai faced the same fate, when he was snatched from his family home in Keren in 2002. Both were never heard from since.

Mohammed Nur is also waiting for news from his younger brother, Abdulaziz Osman Nebaray (inset picture), who was taken by the regime's security 28 years ago in 1994 in Keren.

Abdulaziz's six children, now grown-ups, are also waiting. His whereabouts are unknown to this day.


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