The Elephant in the Brain!!

Written by: Ali Orre

Eritreans what should we do in such suddenly renewed nostalgic love affair

with Abay Ethiopia ??

The Elephant in the brain !! Though it is not unexpected for most of those who closely know the psychopathic personality of Isyas and his suspicious acts in which he was relentlessly immersed in conspiring in abstract way to undermining Eritrean struggle for independence ever since his conscription within the rank & files of the revolution and consequently after the Eritrean independence and his ascent to power as a President of a transitional government of Eritrean !

His first casualties was the Eritrean legal justice system. and unforeseen number of innocent souls perished.

The four pillars of Freedom became none existent commodity in Eritrea.

The freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of press, and freedom of assembly, no freedom of any kind.

There is no constitution, no parliament and indeed there are no national institutions of any kind.

Dr. Abe’s vague slogan ADDING-UP most provocative and divisive narratives that systematically advance the Amara/Oromo hegemony captured Isyas’s ultimate attention and his deep seated desire to reverse Eritrea’s territorial sovereign shores back to Ethiopia” This drama was brought home 50years ago in different cant but we rejected it at the time, consequently untold genocide and atrocities being committed that era still vividly felt decades later.

The imperialist ambition of economic and its tendency to explain differences ignore patriotism to exalt reductionism positing the gap between economic vis-vis identity can be bridged. But Doesn’t Add Up.

Regionalising internal conspiracy, whereupon national ownership entails that peace process cannot be engaged only by government, but society at large too, professional representatives should participate because the inclusive nature of peace process cannot be stressed enough.

Eritrean sovereignty is not even in itself reprehensible to him and his cohorts. after all, he knew it is inevitable that his dream to restate Ethiopia’s control over Eritrea would be channelled into mass resistance, thus why the invisible regional security contingency precautionary measures was set in place to protect the traitor donned in patriotic musk, in case of any resistance and repercussions of any kind, as we have experienced in Ethiopia under the Woyani cultic regime for the last 27 years systematic containment and compartmentalization of the Eritrean opposition in portraying them as a disunited dysfunctional indirectly pacify their role as ineffective opposition to cite mistrust among their grassroots in a manner that literally exposes how the woyani were disingenuous host of our revolution, simultaneously contrary to what they purport as smokescreen propaganda for public consumption blaming their passive victims of geographical circumstances, all episodes tales the tell woyani was protecting the interest of the bandit regime until he accomplish his treasonous mission assigned to him.

But what the woyani didn’t realize was that they were walking over lingering minefield beneath the surface exploded due to immense oppressive pressure of their misrule, mass revolt like a whirlwind tsunami below under their feet.

Hence Dr. Abi come over the waves of anger and protests as a reformer while subtlety promoting ethnic incitement against the heroic Tigrian people employing vague sugar coated political rhetoric with a predesigned agenda of reshuffling and reshaping new East African political map. the invisible agenda of those profit powers that resulted in creating failed Somalia state, the undeclared Eritrean failed state through their multiple local agent, and in a process of atomizing Sudan soon, and Ethiopia that is in a process walking over explosives minefield only time will unfold its new course of direction, if we are forced to share our indivisible sovereignty in such flagrant irresponsible and complex arrangement as we have witnessed over the media, without any positive articulation of Eritrean history and its historical patriots from Bahta Hagos to Sheikh Ibrahim Sultan numerals of heroes & heroine sacrificed for this land and following generations followed the steps of forefathers in struggling ever since 60’s against all odds to emerge victoriously out of a compounded game of nations and geopolitical intricacies, to get out of the gutter stalemate that ended up in unfortunate deliberate subversive recolonization of our shores from within which is incoherent and oddly naive against the wishes and aspiration of its rightful owners as if reversing the wheels of history and canceling 50 years of heroic revolution.

However Eritreans will not surrender nor recognize ultimately any treasonous peace under the fake guise btw irredentist ambition.


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