The Leader Hero and Martyr Abdullah Idris Mohamed

Written by: Farajat Team  Source: Farajat

Full Name: Abdullah Idris Mohamed Suleiman

Place of Birth: Qrabet region / Shalab / Aqordat province (near the village of Adarde)

Date of Birth: 18/3/1944

• He joined the ranks of Eritrean Liberation Front (Eritrean Liberation Army) in October 1965 after attending the secondary school in Egypt and graduating from the Syrian Military Academy in Syria.

• Served as the leader of the first regiment and the acting commander of the Fifth Military Region.

• Served as the official of the military affairs in the General Command that was configured from the Adobha Military Conference of August 25, 1969.

• Served as the second Vice President of the Revolutionary Council of Eritrea Liberation Front and the official of Military Affairs in the leadership that was elected in the First National Conference in October 1971.

• Served as the Commander of the Military Office as a member of the Executive Committee and the Revolutionary Council in the leadership that was elected in the Second National Conference in May 1975.

• Served as Leader of the Eritrean Liberation Front from the Third National Conference in December 1982 to the Eighth National Conference held in March 31, 2011.

The nationalist leader’s life history is marked with a lifelong tireless continuous heroic struggle full and rich with sacrifices and enduring bestowal with true spirit of an assiduous rebel and diligent freedom fighter who fought bravely armed with tenacious believe in the just cause of his people for freedom and independence. The intrepid and brave fighter left our mortal mundane life to the world of immortality after he engraved imprints on the Eritrean armed struggle initiated by the proud and free people of Eritrea and the father of the Eritrean armed struggle martyr and hero Hamid Idris Awate, for the liberation and independence.

Due to the nationalistic intrinsic nature, martyr Abdalla Idris, generation after generation, represented the true nature and symbol of resistance because of his inexorable enduring resistance and perseverance to defend his people and country in the face of the Ethiopian aggression and heroic defiance to the conspiracies plotted against the Eritrean Liberation Front. He was well known for his unchallenged bravery and ingenuity of his military strategies and offensives, which made the enemies of the Eritrean people tremble to the mention of his name. He devoted all his life in defense of his people and country and died proudly as a nationalist and heroic fighter as many of his colleagues, who passed away as martyrs, who fought in the war of independence in Eritrea.

His immaculate soul left to its Creator, in the morning of Friday, 25 Jemad al-Awal, 1432H. that corresponds to April 29th , 2011, in the British capital London. The free Eritrean people mourn the leader, martyr and symbol of Eritrean revolution and proudly narrate his history of struggle that was a series of sacrifices and outstanding heroism since the beginning of the Eritrean revolution. He represented a vivid example of the Eritrean military pride whether as soldier or as a leader and symbol of our Eritrean heroes to carve his name with characters of light in the pages of the immortals along with his loyal predecessors in the leadership of the Eritrean nation in its long history of struggle for liberation from the forces of colonialists’ injustice and oppression.

Congratulations to the martyred leader of this illustrious history, which will never die and be forgotten as long as there are people who believe that “the struggle of heroes is to attain the highest goals and ideals” for the sake of Eritrea and its people. All peace and justice loving Eritreans will remember martyr Abdalla proudly along with all our brave and heroic martyrs as one of Eritrea’s liberation heroes who were deprived of their legitimate rights to live and die in their homeland by the illegal DIA tyrant regime. It an irony that those heroes who fought and died for the sake of Eritrea, to be denied the simple rights of citizenship rights. No wonder, Eritrea’s independence is hijacked by the PFDJ gangs and their leader the criminal DIA unjust and illegal rule. It is our national and moral responsibility to liberate the Eritrean people from the ruling gangs lead by the tyrant DIA, in order to materialize the entrust of our martyrs.

As we express our gratitude to all our martyrs and liberators, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter only words of gratitude, but to live by their unattained dreams and ideals, in order to materialize the long awaited emancipation of Eritrea from the of clumps of the illegal DIA regime and build a constitutional, just, democratic, free and prosperous Eritrea.

May Allah/God bless the martyr and leader’s soul and rest in peace in heavens and place him among the saints, martyrs, pious and good doers and inspire his family, friends and armed struggle companions patience and solace.

In the words of the Holy Quran, “Of God we are and to Him we shall return.”


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